Behavioral Health Reporting

Cost Reporting Solutions

Navigating the ever-changing, complex reporting systems to meet the State and Federal requirements can be challenging and time consuming. Many counties and providers often find themselves missing deadlines, getting multiple error reports, and unsure of where to apply the correct numbers. Changes and requirements occur frequently. It is vitally important to have knowledgeable people with a thorough understanding of the reporting systems and updates to complete the reports—on deadline and with error corrections.

Kings View’s Analysts are reporting experts dedicated to the completion and submission of Cost Reports for mental health (MH) and substance use disorders (SUD) and the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Revenue & Expenditure Reports (RER). The analysts are on top of the latest developments in reporting requirements and provide services for both counties and MH/SUD Providers of Services.

Solution for Counties and Providers of MH And SUD Service

• Critical to the reporting services is that the report is custom made to each county. The Analysts design worksheets that complement the General Ledger format and tools to compile the data for cost reporting. The worksheets indicate where the information must be inserted into the Cost Report form, eliminating guesswork and errors.

• The Analysts work to ensure everything necessary is being reported to keep cost settlements to the lowest minimum possible, avoiding costly errors.

Partnership Level: Kings View Analysts complete the entire cost report from the information in the general ledger, revenue, and expense reports. The Cost Reports, and those of your providers, are integrated into the Summary Reports and everything is submitted with your participation and oversight.

Assistance Level: Kings View can design the worksheets with the County entering the data into the Cost Reports including submission. The Analysts meet with the county staff and design the worksheets to ensure they are all inclusive to assist in preparing the Cost Reports.

Training Level: For those of you with knowledge of preparing Cost Reports and would like to hone your skills, the Kings View Analysts provide training sessions. The sessions are custom designed to meet your training needs—from beginning to end, for whatever specific forms or details you need.

MHSA Annual Revenue and Expenditure Report (A-RER) Reporting Solutions

Beginning with year 2016, the MHSA Annual Revenue and Expenditure Report (ARER or RER) has changed to a new format. It now resembles the Mental Health Cost Report template and is more complex to complete.

• The Kings View Analysts are adept at completing the RER and offer worksheet tips and solutions to simplify the reporting. The worksheets are designed to factor in the monthly allocations to CSS, WET, PEI, INN, and to track CFTN, along with all quarterly interest calculations and transfers. Included is a Reversion of Funds timetable, making it easy to track the remaining funds by category and their date of reversion.

• The Analysts review all the MHSA allowable expenses and which funds to apply first to cover the costs in each MHSA category. Questions about the Prudent Reserve are answered and use of Prudent Reserve dollars are explained as needed.

• Often adjustments to prior years must be made. The Analysts will complete the adjustments, review for mistakes, and re-file a prior year RER and move changes forward to each subsequent year.

Custom Reporting Solutions on Demand!

Kings View designs custom reporting systems that work. If there are other reports that are too time-consuming, complex in nature, and weighing heavy on your schedule due to deadlines, allow us to provide solutions. Speak with one of the Kings View Analysts to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of your reporting needs.

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