Telepsychiatry Consulting Services

Leading the Marketplace for Over 25 Years

Kings View’s TelePsychiatry program has been leading the marketplace for over 25 years. Kings View delivers services throughout California and is recognized for its high standards and technical innovation. Along with direct service the TelePsychiatry department offers a plethora of consulting services. These services include: medication monitoring, treatment authorization requests along with consulting in policies and protocols and technical needs.

Managed Care and Medication Monitoring are requirements of the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) both for policies and procedures and as part of Medi-Cal triannual reviews. The intent is to have counties, via their departments of managed care, observe, monitor, and critically assess the health, wellness, and recovery of their beneficiaries to improve quality of care. Although there are fiduciary concerns to be considered, the overriding philosophy is to utilize existing guidelines and evidence base to support ongoing care and management of beneficiary care.

A Long History

Kings View has a long history of engaging in the medication monitoring process, providing third party management and oversight of numerous counties over the years. Currently, Kings View provides medication monitoring services in various forms to several counties.The TelePsychiatry Department has drafted and keeps current annual medication monitoring guidelines that reflect evidence-based practices in the context of United States Food and Drug Administration approval of drugs. Utilizing these guidelines, we provide independent chart reviews whereby we compare customer-modified guidelines to actual random client charts and generate a report on 10% of the unduplicated client count. This report highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and adherence to regulatory guidelines set forth by DHCS

Kings View has also been providing a highly specialized service wherein specific counties utilize their own Licensed Practitioners of the Healing Arts (LPHA) or can contract to have Kings View provide first level review of all Treatment Authorization Requests (TAR). Once it has been determined that the TAR should be denied, a Board-Certified Psychiatrist reviews the TAR, signs it, and submits a letter delineating what the specific rationale and items are responsible for the denial. If the facility appeals the denial, a second independent reviewer (also a Board-Certified Psychiatrist) reviews the chart as a second level appeal. In nearly two years of providing this service, no DHCS Notice of Action has overturned any recommendations or findings by Kings View’s Psychiatrists.

Kings View has been a leader in providing mental health services for many years. It has been a natural progression for quality improvement practices to follow clinical care hand in hand. Kings View will expand in this area insofar as the quality of care is intimately intertwined with fiduciary responsibility, adherence to regulatory changes, consumer confidence, and most importantly, beneficiary wellness and recovery.

Kings View conducts conservatorships and will appear to testify over electronic medium for hearings. Kings View Corporation has the capacity to provide Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA) initial reviews of post-hosptialization Treatment Authorization Requests (TARs). These reviews are driven by the Department of Health Care Services Medical Necessity standards authored and trained by in 2015. These critical initial reviews can be utilized for training of facility staff and contract providers to maximize hospital-stay benefit and ensure that Title IX regulations are met.